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Algae Cultivation Extension Short-course


ACES Part 2: Microalgae

This second component covers microalgae cultivation in a short-course based on a real college level course. The focus of this section of ACES is to assist the algae biomass industry to improve the skill set and techniques required for their industry. This allows those companies to seek people who have some knowledge of aquaculture but need to learn the basics of growing large quantities of microalgae.

To access the information in the course just click on the links for the videos in each chapter.
If you are in the discovery process, we recommend that you watch the videos in the order presented.

The Algae Foundation and ATEC does not endorse any of the products presented in the course, but provide them as a resource to demonstrate the breadth of the algae industry.

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to ACES: Microalgae

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    Welcome to the Algae Cultivation Extension Short-course: Gef Flimlin


    Welcome to the Algae Cultivation Extension Microalgae Short-course: Stephen M. Gómez

  • Chapter 2: Microalgae Introduction and Overview

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    What are Algae?


    Algae Classification


    Understanding Algae — from PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency


    Understanding Microalgae


    What is Algae? Definition, Characteristics & Examples


    Algae Corner: How to Identify Different Algae Types


    All Things Algae


    What The Crap Is Algae Anyway?


    4 Ways Algae is Awesome


    Diatoms: Tiny Factories You Can See From Space


    Santa Fe Scene: SFCC Biofuels Program


    ATP3 — Training and Education


    360° Algae Lab Tour at NREL — Narrated


    Micro Algae Co-Educational Project in Israel

  • Chapter 3: Let’s Grow Lots of Algae

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    Streaking Agar Plates


    Algae Time-Lapse


    Scaling Up 1


    Scaling Up 2


    Scaling Up 3


    Scaling Up 4


    Scaling Up Systems


    Scaling Up Outside


    Photobioreactor (PBR) Maintenance

  • Chapter 4: Cultivation Technologies

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    Cultivation Technology


    Cellana — Algae-Based Products for a Sustainable Future™


    ALGADISK — Novel Algae-Based Solution for CO2 Capture and Biomass Production


    Commercial Microalgae Production Unit — Algafarm/SECIL/Allmicroalgae


    Glass Tubular Photobioreactors for Cultivation of Algae


    Microalgae Cultivation to Perfection


    Ecoduna — New Micro-algae Tech Produces Super Food from Waste


    I love you Green Natural Power of Algae!!!


    Algae Bioreactor: Incredible Oil Production


    Commercial Microalgae Production Unit — Algafarm/SECIL/Allmicroalgae


    Affordable Photobioreactors


    Accordion Photobioreactor


    EnerGaia Spirulina Time-lapse


    The Algae Dome

  • Chapter 5: Harvesting Technologies

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    Overview: The Smart Algae Harvester


    The New and Improved EWS Algae A12 Algae Biomass Harvesting System


    MASS — MicroAlgae Separation Systems


    Membrane Filtration Harvesting Microalgae

  • Chapter 6: Algae to Fuel

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    Algae Biofuels


    Energy 101 | Algae-to-Fuels


    Algae Fuel NOVA ScienceNOW


    Biofuel from Algae


    Vermont Bioenergy Algae to Biofuel


    Algae Biofuels


    Biofuels from Algae Project


    PNNL Algae to Bio-Crude in Less Than 60 Minutes


    ASU Researchers Convert Algae into Fuel


    Algae Power — This American Land


    Algae Power: Turning Pond Scum into Sustainable Fuel


    How Algae Could Change The Fossil Fuel Industry


    Innovation Japan: Fueling Jet Aircraft With Microalgae

  • Chapter 7: Carbon Sequestration

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    NAMI’s Microalgae Photobioreactor


    Algae CO2 Capture at the University of Kentucky: Part 1


    Algae CO2 Capture at the University of Kentucky: Part 2


    Earthrise — Green Gold | Al Jazeera


    Algae Fuel Could Change the World | World’s Strangest

  • Chapter 8: Wastewater Treatment

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    Wastewater Treatment


    Algal Turf Scrubber — Proven Large Scale Algae Production and Water Treatment Systems


    KU Students Grow Algae for Biofuel, Cleaner Water


    Using Algae in the Wastewater Treatment Process — Sustainable Technology at the University of Bath


    Closing the Loop: algae to Become Biomass at ‘Hooge Maey’


    Micro-Algae: Source of Energy?


    From Wastewater to Renewable Energy


    Wastewater Treatment and Research

  • Chapter 9: Other Value-Added Products

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    Value-Added Products


    KPBS San Diego's Algae Industry Struggles To Float On Fuel Alone


    Algae Farm


    Algae Food and Fuel — America’s Heartland


    Qualitas — Growing Algae in New Mexico


    CNN — Is Algae the Food of the Future?


    Natural Marine Algae as High Quality Source of Omega-3


    Turning Green Algae into Colostrum-Like Protein for Infants – Triton Algae Innovations


    How Can We Grow Food for a Future Mars Settlement?


    It’s Alive! The World’s First Algae-Powered Building


    Algae Power: Turning Pond Scum into Sustainable Fuel


    The World’s First Sustainable Surfboard and Flip-flops Made of Algae


    Companies Are Finding New Uses for Blue-green Algae Removed From Our Water


    A Growing Passion — Algae Foam Surfboard

  • Chapter 10: Spirulina

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    Visit a Local Culture of Spirulina in Madurai


    First Commercial Spirulina Farm in California


    First Spirulina in Nothern California


    How Spirulina Fish Food is Made — Agcore Technologies Greenhouse Tour


    Apogee Spirulina


    Growing Spirulina Algae in a Village in West Africa


    Antenna Trust: Production and Distribution of Spirulina — India


    Radical Chikies — Sustainable Approaches to Combat Malnutrition


    EnerGaia Video for ASEAN Impact Challenge 2015 — Thailand


    Commercial Spirulina Algae Farm in Thailand


    Spirulina in Myanmar


    Spirulina Viva Mexico

  • Chapter 11: Microscopy

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    Using a Light Microscope




    Microscopy II


    Microscope Use


    The Diatomist

  • Chapter 12: Visualize Algae

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    Chlorella — Green Algae


    Scenedesmus — Green Algae


    Scenedesmus — Green Algae


    Chlamydomonas — Green Algae


    Euglena — Flagellate


    Euglena — Flagellate


    Chlamydomonas and Euglena


    Hematococcus — Green Algae


    Hematococcus — Green Algae


    Volvox — Green Algae


    Eudorina — Green Algae


    Pandorina — Green Algae


    Pediastrum — Green Algae


    Pediastrum — Green Algae


    Spirogyra — Green Algae


    Pennate Diatoms


    Stauroneis — Diatom


    Cryptomonas — Cryptophyte


    Peridinium — Dinoflagellate


    Ceratium — Dinoflagellate


    Arthospira (Spirulina) — Cyanobacteria


    Anabaena — Cyanobacteria


    Chroococcus — Cyanobacteria


    Oscillatoria — Cyanobacteria

  • Chapter 13: Problems

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    The Other Guys






    How Microscopic Hunters Get Their Lunch

  • Chapter 14: Interviews

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    Stephen M. Gómez, Trade and Advanced Technologies Center, SFCC


    Thomas A. Dempster, Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation, ASU


    Jeremiah Star, Santa Fe Community College


    Abey Torrez, Santa Fe Community College


    Ira Levine, University of Southern Maine/Algae Foundation


    UCTV Algae Biofuels and Biotech — Stephen Mayfield, UC San Diego


    Perspectives from Leaders in the Algae Industry — Bill Glover, Boeing


    Fredrik Adams — Firglas Ltd.


    Perspectives from Leaders in the Algae Industry — Dr. Greg Mitchell, Scripps

  • Chapter 15: TED Talks and Lectures

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    Jonathan Trent: Energy from Floating Algae Pods


    TEDxTucson: Kim Ogden | Sustainable Algae-Based Biofuels


    TEDxLinz: Silvia Fluch | Eating Fish? Start Eating Algae!


    TEDxUCSD: Stephen Mayfield | Food and Fuel in the 21st Century


    TEDxSaxionUniversity: Jutta Reinke | Breed Algaes, Not Cows!


    TEDxDelft: Peter Mooij | Microalgae is More Important Than You Think


    TEDxHamburg: Rasa Weber | The Unexpected Role of Algae for Our Future


    TEDxMileHigh: Scott Fulbright | Is Algae the Ink of the Future?


    TEDxWroclaw: Ola Ławrynowicz | Spirulina: Start Eating Smart


    David Ramjohn — AlgEternal Technologies

  • Chapter 16: Algae Collections, Databases, Supplemental Reading, and Social Media

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    Collections — UTEX Culture Collection of Algae


    Resources list — UTEX Culture Collection of Algae



    (40 pgs)    

    ABO-Industrial Algae Measurements v8.0

    (4 pgs)    

    NREL Algal Biofuels Projects and Partnerships

    (328 pgs)    

    A Look Back at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Aquatic Species Program: Biodiesel from Algae — July 1998

    (140 pgs)    

    National Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap – May 2010

    (110 pgs)    

    Process Design and Economics for the Conversion of Algal Biomass to Biofuels: Algal Biomass Fractionation to Lipid- and Carbohydrate-Derived Fuel Products — Sept 2014

    (128 pgs)    

    Process Design and Economics for the Production of Algal Biomass: Algal Biomass Production in Open Pond Systems and Processing Through Dewatering for Downstream Conversion — Feb 2016

    (212 pgs)    

    National Algal Biofuels Technology Review – June 2016

    (99 pgs)    

    2017 Algae Harmonization Study: Evaluating the Potential for Future Algal Biofuel Costs, Sustainability, and Resource Assessment from Harmonized Modeling

    (42 pgs)    

    Techno-Economic Analysis for the Production of Algal Biomass via Closed Photobioreactors: Future Cost Potential Evaluated Across a Range of Cultivation System Designs — Sept 2019


    UTEX Culture Collection of Algae


    Algae Academy


    Algae Technology Educational Consortium


    Algae Biomass Organization


    Controlled Environment Agriculture at SFCC

  • Chapter 17: Microalgae Culture and Techniques for Molluscan Shellfish Hatcheries

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    Videos and Handouts from Microalgal Culture Workshop